Sunday, March 7, 2021

Mad as a Hatter

 As so often happens, two separate posts, on two separate websites, by two different authors, talk about the same thing in different ways.  I will present both, and will hope that readers go to each site in turn to check them out, and as always think deeply about what the authors write about, and what readers can or should do.

First up is an article on What Drives the Global Elite on their Maniacal Mission by Jeff Davidson. And it truly is a maniacal mission. The crazy things that keep happening at an astounding pace will have any conservatives head spinning, which is the idea. They intend to demoralize you and me:

Exactly what sort of madness leading up to this March is occurring? Is there a common denominator to all of the heartless and heart-sickening behaviors that we've witnessed for months on end now, and realistically, on a lesser level, for years? Actually, the answer is yes.
Every activity of the Left, from tiny to gargantuan and in one form or another, is designed to diminish the strength, status, and sovereignty of the U.S. Whether it's seeking to overrun the country with illegal immigrants, pack the Supreme Court, smear Supreme Court nominees, besmirch local officials, cancel the careers of people who've made one errant statement, even if that statement was 30 years ago, all such activities have a common denominator. The common denominator is to vanquish the opposition thoroughly, vanquish the U.S. Constitution, ignore due process, overturn the right of habeas corpus, contort "one person one vote," and much, much more so that as a nation we are left in tatters.
Of course, it is the Left that is performing most of the madness, and yes, they intend to destroy the United States as founded. Why? Who knows why? These people are insane, crazy, looney tunes, mad as a hatter. Their motives are equally crazy and they don't even understand the question "why?" themselves.  They are also a small enough minority. They are the useful idiots being whipped up and then turned loose by their masters behind the scenes. Once they have destroyed the United States, they will be disposed of because nobody hopes to rule while allowing these looneys to run loose.  But who are these "masters?"

That is the subject of the next piece.  Today is at the American Thinker Lynn Corum has a piece titled Putin's Former Chief of Staff Calls Trump a Champion Against New World Order. Corum gets dangerously close to the truth without naming names.

To Ivanov, not only the American, but also the world history of these past centuries hardly holds another example of a politician, having no actual "party machine" at his disposal, who was likewise able to become the head of state and receive such phenomenal support from the people. It is significant that even amid the intimidation of the pandemic, used by the globalists to disrupt Trump's promising triumphant election campaign and prevent the consolidation of the American nation around its leader, many thousands of people gathered to meet with the president. What other world leaders over the past half-century can boast of at least something similar? Yet all of "progressive" humanity has taken up arms against Trump. The entire communist "Internationale," from leftist extremists to Chinese comrades and ending with Pope Francis, fought an undeclared war to destroy the American leader for all four years of his presidency. After all, without control over the U.S., the globalists cannot successfully build their own New World Order.
Fighting the "bad guys" from the Deep State, he tore off their mask, the mask of "Freedom, Democracy, and Concern for the Welfare of the People," under which the self-proclaimed world elite have done their business. Having torn it away, Trump presented not only the U.S., but also the world with factual proof of the existence of the Deep State, this symbiosis of socialists, liberals, "democrats" of all stripes, and anarcho-"greens," and forced the globalists to reveal their real goals. Now everyone is aware that the construction of Paradise on Earth is by no means included in their goals. Rather, one can see that the architects of the New World Order are pushing humanity in the direction opposite to Paradise.
What exactly does it mean to "promote" homosexuality? This is not just an abstract "destruction of the traditional family." In fact, this is the propaganda of childlessness. That is, they push the human race toward its gradual extinction, toward self-destruction. How can the Deep State fail to understand this? Why did they inspire and pay for the BLM movement, the pogroms and desecrations of churches, the mortal terror against the forces of law and order? To strengthen American statehood? Perhaps other priorities of the global elites, like feminism, the fight against racism, the green economy, in combination with the promotion of homosexuality, will contribute to the growth of the well-being of the American and other peoples?
Another historically significant consequence of Trump's victory in the collision with the Deep State, the American vanguard of the global elites, is that the "secret" has been revealed. The longstanding "conspiracy theory" regarding globalists intent on taking over the world has been clearly confirmed and ceased to be a theory; it is now objective knowledge. It has successfully passed the experimental test and is no longer a hypothesis, but an observable fact. Those who wish can call it a "conspiracy" — or, to be politically correct, "a non-public agreement of the elites concluded to achieve goals that are difficult to formulate publicly."
Make no mistake, the people pushing the "New World Order," also called the Great Reset, mean to rule over us. They see us as mere surfs, performing the grunt work for their exalted selves, while they engoy the benefits of society and technology. The give away that this really can't work for them is that the only reason we have the technology we have is because there are so many people, each striving for their piece, that makes what is a tremendously expensive enterprise affordable. But that doesn't mean they won't destroy us in their mad pursuit of global rule. We must do what we can to prevent their insane plans.

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