Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Gun Control Doesn't Control Crime. Big Surprise

 Over at Bearing Arms Cam Edwards has a report that...shocker...New Zealand Gun Confiscation Had No Effect on Crime. Of course, this comes as no surprise to those of us who keep and bear arms. It may come as a surprise to some of the foot soldiers in the gun grabber community, though I suspect that the Left will be yawning. The Left wants to grab guns because otherwise, they fear what the American people will do.

Apparently, the New Zealand government has noticed these facts too. But, like all gun prohibitionists, who would rather blame the tools a criminal uses rather than blame the criminal, they intend to double down on a failed policy:

The group Gun Control New Zealand is calling for a host of new restrictions on legal gun owners, including fast-tracking a national gun registry and to restrict the sale of ammunition to guns that have been registered with the government. If you haven’t registered a 9mm, for instance, you wouldn’t be able to purchase any 9mm ammo.
Why would criminals pay any more attention to these restrictions, given the fact that they’ve ignored the gun ban? Ardern and other gun control supporters can’t say. Instead, they’re just stuck on the idea that with enough gun control laws in place, eventually it will have some effect on violent criminals. It’s not working out that way in New Zealand, and it hasn’t worked out that way in the United States either. If you want to crack down on violence, you have to go after those responsible. Any attempt by government to ban their way to safety is doomed to failure, but New Zealand’s government appears ready and willing to double down on their failed strategy.
Now there's an idea: go after the criminals rather than the tools they use. Because, let's face it, if criminals don't obey the existing laws, what makes them think that they will obey new laws.  Too bad the New Zealand government hasn't figured this out.

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