Thursday, March 4, 2021

Stealing Your Rights

 Today at Ammoland, Don McDougal has a piece entitled Only Idiots Believe in Banning Gun Shows and Universal Background Checks. So why are such people idiots? Well, because:

The Bureau of Justice Statistics is part of the Department of Justice. In 2019 they published a study on criminal use of firearms and the source of those firearms. A link to that publication is at the end of this article.
The report is the result of a 2016 survey of prisoners and was published just last year.
So what percentage of criminals got their guns at a gun show? 0.8%
“Internet sales” and sales from an unknown private individuals does not even appear on this list!
So, it seems pretty clear that none of the proposed "common sense" gun grabs will have any effect on crime. And if the gun grabbers themselves are not idiots (and I am sure they are not) then what could possibly be the real motive for the gun grabs? McDougal has some thoughts:
So the big issue for the gun-grabbing left, the sword they are willing to die on to keep you safe, is involved in less than 1% of all shootings or didn’t even make a list!
And there is the rub!. The purpose of these new laws is NOT to save lives or keep people safe but to destroy the firearms culture in America and punish those who disagree with them.
These new laws proposed by the Harris/Biden administration will not save one life; all they will do is further separate you from your right!

Well, they may try to separate you from your rights, but since they were given to you by God, they can not if you don't let them.

 Don't let them.


  1. With the elected new Commander In Chief on board, my biggest fear is his and Harris approach to the 2nd Amendment. Many have tried but unsuccessful due to the purpose of the Amendment. We the people will not tolerate taking away our rights to protect our selves as well as our family if presented with hostility.

  2. Thank you for your comment, and I understand your reluctance to sign your name to the comments. We live in perilous times.