Sunday, March 7, 2021

There Is No Covid Clause In The Second Amendment

As has been noted before in this blog, the Constitution has no emergency clause that allows the government to either abrogate your rights, or change the procedures for running the government that are established by the Constitution. Bob Barr notes more specifically that there is no Covid clause in the Second Amendment. I grow weary of people citing the pandemic as an excuse for why they are not doing there job. It has been a year. It is no longer a "novel" virus, and we should have all accommodated to it by now. It will be around forever.

Barr explains how jurisdictions right here in North Carolina have used the excuse of the pandemic to hold up pistol permits, which are required by law.

Take Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, formerly a conservative, pro-Second Amendment county with Charlotte as its major metropolitan area.
At one point last September, the Sheriff’s Office in Mecklenburg County was more than 11,000 gun purchase permit applications behind after being flooded in a single day with more applications than it normally sees over the course of months prior to COVID. Other North Carolina counties experienced similar spikes in permit applications (even as countless cities and counties across the country saw increased firearms purchases all last year).
In Wake County, also in North Carolina, the Sheriff’s Office has been sued multiple times by a local Second Amendment organization trying to compel it to abide by the law. Yet, as multiple lawsuits suggest, these are often and at best limited and temporary victories. Sheriffs excuse their abysmal performance by citing both COVID limitations and the surge of gun purchases following months of violent unrest last summer and political unrest accompanying the presidential contest.

I can't say why the other States have pistol permits, but here in NC, the permit was designed to prevent newly freed blacks from getting guns, while allowing whites to get weapons. It was clearly racist, and like a number of other "black codes," it was used to keep blacks from exercising their full rights of citizenship. There have been attempts to finally get rid of pistol permits, but the Sheriffs' Association has resisted. They claim they would lose too much revenue. But at $5.00 per permit, I suspect the revenue could be made up elsewhere. So the question remains: why?

The State should get rid of the entire process, as it is redundant with the NCIS. There is no exception for Covid in any case, and getting rid of the permit gets rid of one more excuse bureaucrats have to sneakily and illegally implement gun control.

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