Friday, March 19, 2021

Do You Believe In Magic?

 John Conlin has a piece at the American Thinker entitled Can Liberalism Survive Science. Conlin makes the same point that I have been making that the Left engages in unreality. Indeed, all its thinking seems to be magical. Whether it is dividing people into groups, when there is just one human race, or pretending that a man can decide he is a she, or the notion that man can hold back the changing climate, the Left claims god like power to make things different.

So, you believe in science, eh? Excellent, so do I. At the core of this science-thinking is the acceptance of the fact that there is reality. Thus, there are a finite number of things which are true and an infinite number of things which aren’t -- and our beliefs, opinions, and desires have no impact on this.
Let start with their insistence on classifying and grouping individuals -- the only real unit of humanity -- based on a handful of traits or behaviors and acting as though these groups -- their own creation -- are actually real in some physical sense.
Black, white, people of color, rich, poor, Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, gay, straight, Trump-supporters, Trump-haters, left-handed, right-handed -- these groupings of individuals are almost endless.
They then “give” these imaginary groups motives, emotions, beliefs, action, and life. If the creators “like” the group, these all will be framed in a positive light. If the groups are “bad,” they will be framed in a negative light.
In effect they act as little gods who have the ability to shape reality. Where they obtained this power is never revealed.
I have found myself agreeing with the Pink Pistols, a group of gays that keep and bear arms. And of course, I can understand why they might need a gun for self defense. And while I probably don't agree with much that Naomi Wolf believes, we both agree on the need for freedom and the rights embodied in the Constitution.  That is enough for me.  Truly, there is only one race composed of individuals who each are a minority of one.  Each should be taken on the merits of his or her character. 

Then there is the bizarre notion that boys can become girls and vice versa by simply declaring it so.  This reminds me of Wiccans who think they can cast spells by declaring the right combination of words.  Say, if people can change reality by just uttering the right spell, why can't they cast a spell to stop global  What are you saying liberals don't really care?
Their latest assault on human reality is their strange fascination -- bordering on obsession -- with the mental disorder of gender dysphoria, or as it is more commonly called, transgenderism. Yet the science on this is clear: there is no such thing as a transgendered person. They don’t and can’t exist. This is a mental issue, not a physical one. This progressive assault on reality -- all while shouting “I believe in science” -- is a wonder to behold.
Do you believe in science, or magic?

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