Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Stating The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act

Mathematics has been called the 'Queen of the Sciences' because like the true sciences, the principles of mathematics are empirically discovered, not invented. You can easily prove that 1+1 equals 2. Hold up one finger. Count how many fingers do you have up? One, right? Now hold up another finger. Now, how many fingers are up? Count them, one, two. Two, right? Everything in mathematics is similarly provable. So, it comes as a surprise to read that mathematics is 'white supremacy.' Only someone who has been deeply programmed in the various "studies" programs could come to such a conclusion. We engineering students used to refer to such drivel as underwater basket weaving. Underwater basket weaving was a metaphor for an expensive college degree that taught nothing of any use to anybody. After all, when purchasing a basket, does it matter to you if it was woven underwater?

Teaching students, in the name of ending so called "white supremacy" that there are no correct answers is to abandon reality itself. Because mathematics underlies all of reality.  It would be impossible to explain the innumerable ways that mathematics affects the world around us.  The lowly snail manages to produce its shell using mathematical principles without knowing the first bit of the complicated mathematics involved. Or, look at the honey comb that the bees produce again without knowing or understanding what they are doing.  The mathematics involved to produce the mathematical results  are astounding, and humbling at the same time.

Now imagine that there are no right answers. A structural engineer is designing a roof, but said engineer calculates the roof loads too low, such that the roof members are undersized. Now imagine a massive snow storm dumps a enormous snow load on the roof. Snow is quite heavy, as it turns out. The collapsing roof would kill the occupants. Who is to blame? While the poorly trained engineer will no doubt be blamed, I would put the blame on any teacher who buys into this drivel. And Bill Gates should absolutely know better. After all, computers are nothing but machines that make thousands of calculations per second absolutely correctly each and every time. He would not have the billions to spend that he does if this were not so.  So why is he spending them this way?

I suspect that the current effort to teach our children what is antireality is part and parcel of the Leftist project to get us to abandon what we can clearly see with our own eyes, and indeed can sense with our own senses.  This is why there is a great push to acknowledge transgenderism.  The reality is that no amount of surgery, can change a biological male into a female or vice versa.  His or her genetic code will always be what that person was born to be. It's why they keep pushing useless mask mandates even though masks are useless in preventing the spread of Covid. For that matter, the push to make us thing that this disease is worse than the plague is a part of the same process: to train us to deny reality.

Please go read the hyperlinked articles.  And remember that today, simply stating the truth is a revolutionary act.

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