Friday, March 19, 2021

Critical Race Theory Invades Wake County Schools

 Critical Race Theory (CRT) has taken hold with seemingly lightning speed.  Today I want to highlight an egregious example of the infection of CRT into our local schools in Wake County.  For those of you not in North Carolina, Raleigh is the county seat of Wake County as well as the Capitol of North Carolina.  Andrea Widburg, at the American Thinker has the story for us entitled North Carolina School District Says White Parents Are the Problem. Interestingly, several years ago conservatives had people on the Board of Education to counter this sort of thing. But the Democrat party Left fought back and won. This is the result.

The plague of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) has reached North Carolina’s largest school district. Christopher Rufo obtained documents from a teachers’ training program held last year that was a festival of race hatred. CRT blatantly violates the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and offends the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. What’s especially disturbing about the training in Wake County is that the teachers were told to ignore parents’ concerns and force the training on their children.
Just to orient those who may be new to CRT, it holds that every aspect of American life is infused with racism, all of it emanating from Whites towards other races. (Jews are classed as White and come in for both race hatred and anti-Semitism from the CRT crowd.) Whites who object to being labeled as evil, racist oppressors are told that their objections only prove their racism. Additionally, anything associated with Western culture – scientific accuracy, grammar, punctuality, ambition, organization, whatever – is inherently racist.
As I noted above, CRT is pure racism and is, therefore, unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral. Nevertheless, thanks to the religious fervor of BLM that swept through Democrats last year, CRT is gaining traction in schools across America...
Back on March 2, I wrote a post entitled Stating The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act, in which I pointed out that to teach students CRT, in this case in relation to mathematics, is to abandon reality. There are correct answers, and incorrect answers in mathematics. The scientific method, properly understood is designed to find ever more and more correct answers. These things have nothing to do with race, or what is termed "white supremacy." And while these things are a part of Western culture, they come from all over the world, because one of the defining features of Western Civilization is discovering and the using whatever works best. The notion that Western Civilization was invented by Europeans is, of course, false. Rather, the things that make up Western Civilization were synthesized into a whole in Europe, and then transferred back to the World as a whole.

Western peoples, for example, adopted phonetics, which tied the written letter to spoken sounds.  What a great gift brought to us by the Phoenicians.  Our numbering system was developed in India, coming to us through the Arabs.  Geometry of course came from the Greeks, while Algebra came from the Arabs.  But there were geniuses in the West too, such as Isaac Newton, who discovered more advanced mathematical systems.  We also have great universal plays including the Greek theatre, and of course Shakespeare.  Today we stand on the shoulders of giants, and proudly proclaim so.

So, I said that stating the truth is a revolutionary act.  Well, here's part of the truth:  anyone, from anywhere can adopt the best of Western culture.  It is not tied to any place of any people.  Oh, for sure there is much that is tawdry, superficial, and icky about popular culture that no one should adopt.  But mathematics, science, literature, and art can and should be adopted by all.  These things have given us the greatest freedom in history.  

One more thing before I close this post is an excellent piece by Christopher Rufo entitled Critical Race Fragility. I suspect the reason this is moving so fast, and so sub-rosa, is precisely because critical race theorists can not stand debate. Indeed, they simply declare, in a circular fashion, that if you believe CRT is wrong, that proves that CRT is correct. What??

I advise you to look into what your children are being taught, and get involved before it's too late.

Update:  Over at The Federalist is a great piece by Ian Prior entitled How Writing An Article Put Me On the Chardonay Antifa List. The main thrust of the piece is how cancel culture is used to shut people up.  The particular reason why they wanted to shut down Mr. Prior is because he wrote an article against Critical Race Theory. His point? Don't back down. CRT is wrong on all counts, and we need to be heard loud and clear.  Martin Luther King had it right, the CRT jerks have it wrong.  Period.

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