Monday, March 29, 2021

The Similarities Between the Rise of the Nazi Party and the Present Day United States

 In yesterday's post, I highlighted an article that noted similarities between the rise of the Nazi party and the events happening in the presented day United States.  Today, I wanted to point to an article at the American Thinker by Steve McCann that points out that The Commonalities Between the Rise of the Nazis and the Tactics of the American Left Cannot Be Ignored At least not if we want to maintain our liberty and freedom

McCann notes six specific items where the Left, either consciously or not, is apparently following the Nazi playbook. The first item is as noted, the creation of "enemies of the people." Leftists always need to have enemies. Just as the Nazis blamed all the problems of Germany on the Jews, so today they blame all the problems of America on so called "systemic racism" and the new enemy is the straight white male. Second, the Nazi party heavily engaged in censorship of any competing ideas. The staged book burnings as a means to scare anyone who might publish opposition news and books. Today they don't exactly burn books, but they do refuse to sell you books that don't fit the current narrative. And of course, then there is the sudden rise of "cancel culture" where the Left seeks to scare people into agreeing with them by making public examples of those who lose there jobs and means of livelihood. Of course, companies are buffaloed into complying with the "woke" mob through social media coordinated threats of boycotts.

Speaking of companies who are going "woke" apparently contradicting the interests of their investors.  They apparently believe that they will be eaten last if they go along with the nonsense:

Fourth, the Nazis, true to socialist ideology, preyed on class envy to stoke tensions and resentment as they blamed the “Junker Class” (the equivalent of today’s “one percent”) for the nation’s economic woes. The American left and the Democrat party hierarchy, true to socialist ideology, has long blamed the evil one percent or greedy billionaires for income and economic inequality in order to foment class envy and resentment.
But the similarity does not end there. In an extraordinary juxtaposition the Nazis were able to vilify the wealthy and the industrialists while the subjects of their vitriol voluntarily financed the Nazi Party and its political campaigns. Hitler assured the German corporate titans that, despite their rhetoric, the Nazis would leave them alone and award them lucrative contracts if they supported the Party through massive financial support and favorable newspaper coverage. Greed overcame good sense, and they did so. These gullible cowards were ultimately responsible for unleashing the Nazis on an unsuspecting planet.
The American left has established a similar rapport with the corporate establishment, in particular the tech titans, by tacitly letting them know that the Democrat party will leave them alone if they financially support the party. Additionally, their disciples have infiltrated the management ranks of many companies further exacerbating the pressure to support the agenda. In the inane belief that they will be left alone by the left and the Democrat party, the American corporate elites have financed the ascendancy of the radical left as the left learned their lesson well from the Nazis and the wealthy elites did not. As virtually all the financial support for the Democrats to manipulate the 2020 election came from these naïve and credulous buffoons. Thus, unleashing radical leftism, societal chaos and a senescent president on the United States.
I urge you, gentle readers, to go read the McCann's entire article. It lays out what is happening today in chilling detail. What he doesn't say, though, is that no one is coming to save us. There is no cavalry over the horizon. Rather it is up to us, with God's help, to save ourselves.

Please also read Dinesh D'Souza's opinion at the Epoch Times entitled My Experience With "Woke" Corporations. D'Souza tells how the Left gets its hooks into people and spreads its evil. It sounds not unlike the Mafia.

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