Saturday, March 27, 2021

Yes, Sen. Grassley, What About Those Prosecutions?

Sen. Chuck Grassley asked yesterday Why Hasn't Anyone Who Lied Under Oath About Kavanaugh Been Prosecuted?. Katie Pavlich had the story over at yesterday. Actually, I'd like to know the same thing.  The lack of action on prosecuting these people lends credence to the idea that if you are a Democrat, you can get away with pretty much anything.  Not so for Republicans, and not that it should be.  Both Democrats and Republicans should have to obey the law.  And if you are a law maker, you should be even more scrupulous.

 Oh, and while were asking about prosecutions that never take place for people who deserve it, what about anyone who committed illegal acts in perpetrating Fast and Furious? You may remember that was the operation where certain gun stores, at the the orders of the ATF allowed guns to "walk" across the border and into drug cartel hands, some of which were used to gun down Border Agent Brian Terry. This was done under Obama's first Attorney General Eric Holder.  The operation broke numerous laws, not only ours, but Mexico's as well.  The press at the time described it as a "botched sting operation."  I don't think you can put lipstick on this pig and sell it as a beauty queen, but even if it was intended as a sting, and even if they did not anticipate what could go wrong, there are still the broken laws that need to be prosecuted.  Oh, and under the murder felony rule, these crimes have no statute of limitation.  Just sayin'....

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