Sunday, March 14, 2021

We Are Not In Control

 Here is an interesting article from the Epoch Times that compares the virus toll in States that did and did not have major restrictions. The interesting thing is that it didn't make a difference. Which, at least to me, shows that we are not really in control. As Scott Morefield says, virus going to virus. Doesn't matter what we do. Oh, people can affect it to some degree on the margins, but over all, it doesn't matter. Some would say it is really all in God's hands.

That points to another issue where we are trying to claim that what we do will make a difference. The issue, of course, is climate Humans like to believe that they are so powerful that they can control the weather. Such hubris has plagued mankind since the ancient Pharohs, who believed that if they did not perform certain ceremonies each day, the sun would not rise. But the sun has been rising and setting since before the Pharohs ruled Egypt, and has been doing the same since they died out.

The climate has also been changing for billions of years before man was on the planet. Within the time span that man has been on the planet, the earth has been much warmer, and much cooler that it is today. So, if man pumping CO2 into the air makes a vanishingly small contribution to climate warming, what makes the planet go from boiling hot to a ball of ice? Well, believe it or not, go outside tomorrow at 7:00 am, look to the East, and you will see a giant ball of fire rising. Yes, the Sun.

The Sun provides all the energy on Earth. Plants convert sunlight to carbohydrates like wood and sugar. Animals eat the plants to derive the energy stored in the plants. And of course, animals eat each other. But all that is energy derived from the Sun. The geologists claim that oil is derived from plants as well. If true, then our cars also run on sunlight. But the thing is, the sun doesn't provide a steady source of energy. Instead, it varies quite a bit, and the variations happen to coincide with the heating and cooling of the climate.

Perhaps the lesson in all this is what God told us in Psalm 46: "Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth." Maybe we should trust in God more, and dial back on the hubris. For we are not in control, our Heavenly Father is.


  1. They say we on the right never offer solutions, but I have been offering the following as a solution to global climate change for years:

    "Find and learn to control the thermostat on the giant ball of fire 93,000,000 miles away."

    Taxing first world populations and stealing their property does nothing but enrich tyrants.

  2. Glypto,

    LOL. Well, yes, but I suspect our Creator may have thought giving us that kind of power would not turn out well...

    Good to hear from you,