Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blame criminal, not guns for Oakland shootings

I've been given permission to share with you a communication sent to me by Joe Horn, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Retired. Joe and I worked together some years back on a physician's form I'll tell you about some time, but for now, let's focus on his response to the Oakland aftermath...

One of David Codrea's sayings, which I have shamelessly expropriated for my own use is that "if a man can not be trusted with a gun, he shouldn't be walking around on the streets."

We all have failed dreams. Life is full of failed dreams, pain, and loss. But as anyone who ever thought about it can tell you, focusing on these incidents leads to grim thoughts and perhaps tragic decisions. On the other hand, life is also full of joy and fullfillment. It just depends on where you want to focus your attention. But go read the story. Unlike me, David is a great journalist and writer.

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