Monday, March 30, 2009

Why do you need a gun in a Hospital

On Sunday morning, gunman Robert Stewart barged into Pinelake Health and Rehab in Carthage, North Carolina, and killed seven patients and a nurse, wounding three others. As in previous massacres, the killer picked a so-called “gun free” zone where firearms for self-protection are officially prohibited ...

We in North Carolina need to get most of these "gun free zones" also called "criminal free fire zones" repealed. Right now there is a bill before the legislature eliminating the Restaurant ban. This would be a good start. Florida has no restaurant ban, and has had no problem as a result. Kentucky has a very good compromise, where concealed carriers can enter and eat in the restaurant, but not in the bar. Virginia has passed a repeal of the restaurant ban twice. But Governor Tim Kaine has vetoed. Twice. They are now seeking to over ride the veto. Good luck to them.

But, the fact is that anywhere the law abiding are disarmed by law is someplace that a criminal will view as a target rich environment. If the legislators truly cared about the people for whom the work, they would act immediately to get rid of these free fire zones now.

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