Saturday, March 28, 2009

British MEP Hannan Warns Against Nationalized Health (VIDEO)

Well, tonight was Hannity’s turn to get an interview with Daniel Hannan, and
apparently the young PEM is truly flummoxed by his appeal since his
parliamentary dress-down of PM Gordon Brown. What he doesn’t realize is that his warnings against socialism, a huge government and nationalized health care are
resonating with a large portion of America...

Following up on my post here is this, which shows more of the British experience with socialized medicine. Hannity talks about a recent story in the British press where women with breast cancer were to be denied drugs and therapy to deal with it because these things were just too expensive. (sardonic)These women just have to accept it and die, for the good of society no less. So that maybe more money would be available for an after school basketball program for instance. I'm sure most women will see the importance of these programs and go to their graves singing "How Glorious Our Revolution, Comrade."(/sardonic)

The decision in Britain is truly monstrous. But one can see the whole slippery slope from a "right" to abortion, to abortion on demand, to a duty to die. We in America, do not want to go there. Stop nationalized social medicine before it's too late.
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