Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congress Abdicating Its Power (and Our Sovereignty)

George Will is the "conservative" that even liberals like, or at least, will tolerate. In other words, he is no conservative at all. Nevertheless, like a broken clock that tells the correct time twice per day, every now and then George Will hits one out of the park. Today, on, he has an article that precisely points out the problem with our current government. The problem is that Congress has routinely delegated to the executive branch the legislative power to write laws. Every time a regulatory agency puts a new, or proposed regulation in the Federal Register, which has the effect of law, that agency is usurping the powers vested in the legislative branch. The fact that Congress authorized them to do this is beside the point. Congress does not have the power, under the Constitution, to abdicate its power, or our sovereignty.

Go read, and tell me what you think.