Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Calls to Ban "Assault Weapons" Again

Jacob Sullum, who also writes for Reason Magazine, has an article up on entitled The Gunman and the Gun Ban. Sullum, to his credit, writes occasional articles favorable to the Second Amendment in Reason and for other publications. In this article, he makes the point that banning so called "assault weapons" is not a particularly fruitful approach, if reducing crime is the goal.

Of course, this was predicted. Like mushrooms coming out after a rain, the calls of the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center for a ban on so called "assault weapons" after a rampage shooting is utterly predictable. But if banning such weapons would not prevent crime, would in fact make criminals of a huge number of hard working, taxpaying American men and women. So, what then is the true goal?

If I may be allowed to speculate, it is the ultimate disarmament of the American civilian population. The folks in power do not want citizens, who think the government works for them. No, they want subjects, who work for the government.

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