Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting Through to a Liberal

I had a recent conversation with a friend who said that "I generally agree with most of what (Glenn) Beck says, but he offers no solutions. He just complains." Dumbfounded, I eventually recovered my wits enough to point out the the things Beck points out daily are followed by references to his 9 principles, and 12 values, and that if Congress and the President would follow the Constitution, we wouldn't be in this mess. My friend would have none of it, though. Unless Beck was going to personally lead us out of the current situation, he should just shut up.


Not everyone who understands what is happening to the US has the necessary personality or skills to be politician. Does that mean that those of us not so blessed (or cursed) should shut up? Really? What about freedom of the press and expression? How about sending our representatives a list of grievances? How else are we supposed to get their attention? But beyond all that, the consistent message of Glenn Beck, and for that matter of Rush Limbaugh, is that we need to lead ourselves; to be responsible for ourselves. We don't need a "Leader" to do this for us, but we may need a skilled politician to execute the Constitutionally made laws for us. Parties do not matter, and frankly I have begun to see both parties as the same, one being a little more, the other being a little less. What we need, and are not finding anywhere, are people willing to follow the Constitution. That is the consistent message of Glenn Beck.

But sometimes you just can't get through to a liberal.

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