Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama Derangement Syndrome

David Horowitz warns us today against developing Obama Derangement Syndrome. I have probably been guilty of this in the past. I have tried to warn people of the historical precedents some of "The One's" moves remind me of before those moves become too big, or too entrenched to change.

So, let's be clear here. Do I think Obama is "The One," or the Lightworker, or the Messiah, or any of these terms which have been applied to him? No, emphatically not! My Messiah died on a cross 2000 years ago. Next week I will be celebrating his last days on earth starting with Palm Sunday, moving to Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. On that day he rose from the dead. No matter what happens to me on this earth, I will live with him in eternity. No, I call him "The One" to mock people, like Peggy the Moocher (thank you Michelle Malkin) who evidently do think he is the savior. I would like to know if Peggy's life has been improved since her savior was elected, but I am sure Mrs. Malkin has moved on to other things.

While I believe that I will be saved (though the Lord knows I do not even come close to deserving it) I do not believe this nation can survive by constantly bending, twisting, and defying what we know to be His wishes. Mr. Obama seems to be wrecking anything and everything about the country that he can. He seems to be tearing up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with each appointment he makes, with each piece of legislation he endorses or signs, with each overture he makes to our enemies, with each snub he delivers to our allies. If some people think that he may be the "Manchurian Candidate," well, who can blame them. Surely to do this much damage to this country in such short order would require careful planning for years and years. Frankly, he reminds me of the 60s radicals who wanted to blow everything up because, in their opinion, the world was unjust...as if they were the first generation to discover that fact, and by throwing out the baby and the bath water they would be able to make everything new and good.

Is "The One" evil, the Anti-Christ? My take is that no, he is not evil. Evil requires that a person know that he is doing evil, and he does it anyway. I think Obama believes he is doing good, or at least not doing bad things. This makes him misguided. I can not say the same thing about all the people surrounding Obama, or those who have influenced him. But I could wish that he would listen to someone outside his party, that he would be guided by the rule of law (the real rule of law, not that phony made up stuff Clinton was always yammering on about). If he thinks the Constitution is deficient, there is a way to change it without "reinterpreting" its words into saying what they clearly do not. All of these things though, would slow down, greatly, what Obama evidently wishes to do. Note to Obama: that's a feature, not a bug.

Finally, do I think Obama is leading us down a path toward fascism? Yes I do. If indeed Congress is moving to stop him, they better get moving. But I do not think they will offer much resistance. Nancy Pelosoi has been elected to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Therefore, the sense of the House is that this Leftist from the City of San Francisco, one of the most, if not the most Left leaning areas of the country, represents the views of the majority of Americans. Heaven help us! If my read of the situation is anywhere near correct, then the United States of America has been lost. I do not see anyone on the horizon who has the temperament, the will, or the background to lead us out of this mess. In any case, any politician who tells Peggy the Moocher the truth will be slapped down, while those who lie to her are hailed as "The One." And so our once great republic dies.

Will the last American please turn out the lights, take down the flag, and close the door?