Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trigger Angry Professors Need Psychological Evaluation

Mike Adams has an excellent article up today on entitled "Trigger Angry." Mike examines the the case of Central Connecticut State University student John Wahlberg, who had the temerity give a speech on the merits of student concealed carry in response to an assignment by Professor Paula Anderson. After class, Wahlberg found himself facing police interrogation, using information that they should not have been able to get their hands on. A quote from the article:
Professor Anderson’s actions were outrageous, partly because the questions police asked were so invasive. Imagine police presenting a gay professor with a list of his sex partners and then reminding him that sodomy is against the law. But, wait, sodomy is a constitutional right. Wahlberg was talking about gun ownership.

I have to ask the obvious: Does Professor Anderson think discussing sex makes one a rapist? Would she take seriously anyone who held such a view? Should anyone who discusses sex be hauled into the police station, reminded that rape is illegal, and asked whether every sex act he had was consensual?

Go read the whole thing.

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