Friday, March 20, 2009

VCDL Alert

I received this from Virginia Citizens Defense League's Philip Van Cleve today:

According to a breaking story on the Washington Post, a judge has placed a temporary block on carry in National Parks because the DOI's process in doing the new rule was "outstandingly flawed."

Oh, baloney.

Anyway, we have not seen the actual ruling.I expect this to be appealed and hopefully to get overturned. This might also provide the impetus to pass a bill to allow carry and bypass the DOI completely.However, this just goes to show you that if you get the right judge you can get a ruling that says the moon is made of green cheese.In the meantime you might want to stop carrying in National Parks until we get more information on this issue.We'll keep you updated.

Judge Blocks Bush Rule Allowing Concealed Weapons in National Parks

By Del Quentin Wilber
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 19, 2009; 5:35 PM

A federal judge today blocked a last-minute rule enacted by PresidentBush allowing visitors to national parks to carry concealed weapons.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly issued a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by gun-control advocates andenvironmental groups. The Justice Department had sought to block the injunction against the controversial rule.

The three groups that brought the suit -- the Brady Campaign toPrevent Gun Violence, the National Parks Conservation Association and the Coalition of National Park Service Retires -- argued the Bush Administration violated several laws in issuing the rule.

In her ruling, Kollar-Kotelly agreed that the government's process hadbeen "astoundingly flawed."

The regulation took effect Jan. 9 and allowed visitors to carry loadedconcealed guns into national parks and wildlife refuges. In the past,they had been allowed in such areas only if they were unloaded, store dor dismantled.

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