Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three Samples

I wanted to share a three samples from my reading today, while I work on the post from several days ago. The first is from the always spot on Thomas Sowell with his article today Talk Is Cheap. His point is that talk really isn't cheap, that the generation that voted for Hitler might, if they could, tell you to beware the silver tongued monster. The whole article should be used as a quote, but let me just quote one paragraph, which point I have made here before:

Do not for one moment think that we are either intellectually or morally superior to those Germans who put Hitler in power. We have been saved by our institutions and our traditions-- the very institutions and traditions that so many are so busy eroding or dismantling, whether in classrooms or court rooms or in the halls of Congress and the White House.

Then there is the article This is Way Bigger than Rush by David Limbaugh defending his brother, but making the larger point that the real target of those who are trying to tear down Rush is us. The money quote:

Rush is the target because he represents the real opposition. He's the leading voice for those who are really standing up for America and its founding ideals. Too much of our opposition is nominal only. Too much of our opposition is unaware we're in a war for the very survival of those precious principles.

For the record, I listen to Rush whenever I can, and proudly so. In a PC world, Rush says what needs to be said without sugar coating. He also has fun doing it, which makes his audience have fun along with him. Rush daily counters, by both words and deeds, the Left's notions about what conservatives are, which must make them squirm. I am sure that this blog will not end up in El Rushbo's Amazing Stack of Stuff, but if it did, I would like to say mega dittos to Rush.

Finally, there is this, from the Front Sight training center. I leave it up to you to decide whether this guy has any credibility or not, whether he is a traitor or a patriot, but I pass it along to show you how loud the cries of "Enough! Don't Tread On Me" are getting. 48% of the people did not vote for Obama, and of those who did, I hear stories of buyers remorse every day. And I pray daily that our Nation does not devolve to violent revolution.

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