Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'll be lying in a pile of brass

The problem with the strategy of only carrying a gun when you might need it is
that you don't know when that will be.

I also carry where ever it is legal to do so, precisely because you never know where or when a criminal will strike. I need to do more "Why do you need a gun in..." stories to illustrate the point, but I have read about shootings in schools, police stations, banks, parks, churches, synagogues, retail outlets, restaurants, homes, and...well...everywhere. I have read about citizens defending themselves and their families in Wal Mart parking lots, from home invasions, at mega-Churches, while driving, and....well...pretty much everywhere.

This brings up the idea that CHL are legally prevented from carrying at a whole laundry list of places, most of them because of some big lobby group like the Restaurant Association, or the State Police, who believe they are preventing possible lawsuits by people if somehow they can get such provisions written into law. I think this is misguided. After all, it is not the CHL holders they need to fear, but the criminals and gang bangers who do not obey the law, and carry in these places anyway.

In any case, I am not being paranoid; just prepared. I look at a gun pretty much the same as insurance. I don't want to use it, but if I need it I'll be glad I bought it (and carried it, and practiced with it.) I also have smoke detectors, with batteries changed every year, but I don't expect a fire.
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