Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Militia Movement, You Say..?

Demonizing honest citizens with historical heritage and citizen authority is
suspicious. It divides Americans and hides historical truths. Why?

As a child of public education, it took a long time to shake off the notion that Militia=Bad. But it is the law. At the time of the founding, there was much discussion of, and suspicion of, something called "special militia." In that context, the National Guard would qualify. But the unorganized militia does exist, and can be effective. When Katrina struck, and folks found themselves without police protection, some neighborhoods organized themselves into armed groups to protect their homes and families. That was the unorganized militia. When ordinary citizens, under the banner of the Minuteman Project, went to the borders to stop the illegal crossings that the government refused to stop, they to were the unorganized militia, not vigilantes. Militias have operated throughout our history, and have operated to protect citizens from abusive government, or lack of government in some cases. I also have to ask why the government wants to divide Americans and hide historical truth?
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