Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bleak Winter Leads to Bleak Spring

Also from is this article by Emmett Tyrrell, entitled "The Bleak Winter's Behind Us, but What's Ahead." Tyrrell brings to our attention that The One's cap and trade proposal would cost yet another $2 Trillion dollars (aren't you growing tired of the huge expense of all these programs?) This is despite the utter failure to prove a man made component to the global warming scam, or the fact that cap and trade has spectacularly failed to bring about a lowering of CO2 emissions in Europe. What it would do is transfer huge amounts of wealth from the private sector to the public. It would give those 535 incompetents in Congress yet more say in our energy industries. It would jack up the cost of nearly everything you purchase, without adding value. I call that a tax, and a highly regressive one at that.

Cap and trade is a bad idea, to solve a non-existent problem which is based on unproven theories. It should be stopped in its tracks.

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