Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mexico's drug war not fault of U.S. gun owners

Instead of ratcheting down on the firearms rights of American citizens, how
about putting troops along the border to intercept drug smugglers coming north,
and the gun shipments allegedly heading south?

Dave Workman does an admirable job here, but I find one piece of weasel wording on the part of William Hoover in testimony before Congress:

It is true that William Hoover, assistant director for Field Operations with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives testified recently before Congress that “90 percent of the weapons (recovered at Mexican crime scenes) that could be traced were determined to have originated from various sources within the U.S.”

Got that. Of the guns that "could be traced" 90% originated in the US. What about those that could not be traced? What percentage of all guns were ones that "could be traced?" He seems to be trying to characterize the story to sell an agenda. He wants us to believe that while the Mexican Drug Cartels are waging a war against the government of Mexico using RPGs, fully automatic AK-47s, and other military arms coming in via the international black market, it is our semi-auto guns that need to be banned.


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